Thursday, December 15, 2011

a few of my favorite things this Christmas....

1 // a bright red dress that has been waiting ever so patiently in my closet [for 10 months!] to finally be worn on Christmas sunday. less than 2 weeks, pretty dress, i promise!

2 // record cover art that make for a nice wall hanging/Christmas decoration.

3 // his and hers stockings that i got 3 years ago for our first Christmas as husband and wife, and that have been a favorite part of Christmas for me ever since. i just love those silly things.

4 // big red bows!

5 // [not pictured] leaving most of my Christmas shopping for next week. i don't think i will ever be one of those people that finishes their shopping "early", but I like it that way. it just adds to the suspense, i think. :)

only 10 more days!