Monday, January 23, 2012

dad's glasses from 1970-something.

i can think of quite a few things i have inherited from my dad [i.e. facial features, personality traits, certain characteristics, etc.], but my most recent acquisition is a pair of glasses he wore during the 60's/70's that he has kept all these years! [holding on to things is apparently another item i could add to that list of inheritances...]

he showed them to my sisters and me while i was home in ohio visiting for Christmas, and i was beyond excited when he offered to give them to me. i could go on and on about the amazingness that IS my dad, but suffice it to say that i feel absolutely honored to wear these glasses of his!

the lenses were prescription and had also been damaged from when he worked as a welder's helper (!!?), so i took them to a place to get the lenses replaced with non-prescription lenses. i was warned that the 30+ year old plastic would be very fragile, and that there was a chance the frames could break during the when i brought them home safe and sound on thursday afternoon i honestly felt like the luckiest girl in the world.

my eyesight is good enough that i don't actually need glasses, but if there was ever an unnecessary accessory or piece of clothing that would be worth wearing, these glasses are it. they mean so much to me. thank you, dad!!