Wednesday, January 11, 2012

waffle sandwich.

i've always been a waffle lover, but last week my whole world kind of changed when i learned about waffle sandwiches. (!)

last friday i ordered a prosciutto and gruyere waffle sandwich from here, which ended up being so crazy delicious that i knew i just had to try making one at home. i finally got around to it yesterday, and it turned out pretty perfect. i also added whole grain mustard and fresh basil leaves, and used my mom's waffle recipe that i've been using my whole married life--the same recipe that somehow made aaron love pancakes & waffles again. [thanks mom!]

directions for making your own waffle sandwich >>
1. whip up some waffles using your favorite waffle recipe [minus the sugar]
2. have your fixings ready, adding the cheese first so that it melts
[i added the cheese while it was still on the waffle iron and let it sit for a few seconds]
3. fold over to make a sandwich and enjoy!

p.s. we loved that restaurant so much that we actually went back later that night for dessert. except this time i got a peanut butter & honey waffle sandwich, because we all know how much i love honey. :)