Thursday, February 2, 2012

the advent.

the advent has begun! i made this simple advent calendar for aaron and me to count down the days until Valentine's Day. inside each brown envelope are 14 fun little things for us to do together, like slow dance to a love song, cook dinner together, etc.

last night's was to write a poem to/about each other, which actually turned into quite the production! i was expecting to just write a little 4-liner or something, but aaron went ahead and wrote seriously some kind of literary masterpiece. so of course i had to return the favor, and we ended up with two really special poems that i just want to keep forever and ever. read to our kids someday or something. such a fun night.

p.s. also! i did a guest post for Nicole today over at The Neesby Lookbook sharing a recipe for mashed [purple!] cauliflower. click here to check it out! :)