Thursday, February 9, 2012

color charts.

i've always been inspired by color charts [like gerhard richter's or the few on my "art is beauty" pinterest board], so i had the idea to make an over-sized color chart to put on a wall in our apartment. i started choosing some colors yesterday from my stack of color-aid paper but got a little distracted with all the arranging and rearranging of my color squares. i think i'll probably make this project last as long as possible, because i was seriously having the time of my life! it was the art project of my pressure, very non-threatening, and purely experimental [also therapeutic]. it was wonderful.

p.s. i can't believe it is already the weekend before Valentine's Day! aaron has been having long work days this week so we will be getting caught up on some advent activities and enjoying this crazy beautiful weather. california, this northeast ohio girl is definitely not taking this 70-degree weather of yours for granted. love it love it. happy weekend! <3