Tuesday, February 7, 2012

lunch at rutabegorz.

we were directed by the advent to try a new restaurant, so we went to lunch yesterday at rutabegorz. i have always been partial to going out to eat for dinner (instead of lunch), but aaron's been trying to convince me for a while now that eating out for lunch can be just as fun. looks like i should probably listen to him more often.... ;)

it was more-than-perfect weather, so we ate outside and walked there because it is so close. i ordered the butternut squash ravioli with pesto, walnuts and broccoli, which was pretty incredible. i tend to exaggerate how good some foods are, but this really was so delicious! i'm already obsessed with pesto, and ravioli will forever and always be my favorite pasta....especially the kind that involves any kind of squash. (or pumpkin.)

if only every monday afternoon could be like this. <3