Thursday, February 16, 2012

lunch with my sweet valentine.

hope you all had a wonderful valentine's day! to celebrate the holiday we spent the afternoon in san juan capistrano having lunch at The Ramos House Cafe. we've been wanting to go there ever since we moved to california two and a half years ago, and this of course seemed like the perfect opportunity. plus i'm just a regular old lunch-goer now, so it was right up my alley. :) we ate outside and it seemed so peaceful there. good food and good conversation....honestly, that was all i needed to enjoy my valentine's day. well, that and a kiss on the lips. which i ended up getting quite a few of. my valentine is the sweetest. <3

this year's valentine's day has been a memorable one. we still don't have what we want the very most, but we do have each other. i feel so blessed to be married to such a good man who loves me and takes such good care of me (and puts up with all my kisses and cuddles!). i mean it....he really is the sweetest, and i'm better because of him.

p.s. if you've been reading this blog for any longer than one week then i'm sure you've been able to tell by now that i really love photographing food. i actually almost didn't even bring my camera at all to the restaurant so that i could just enjoy our time there together instead, because obviously when good food is put in front of me i just can't help but snap a few. i'm glad i brought it though, and sorry about that last photo...we treated ourselves to dessert and devoured them before we even realized what was going on. we tend to do that with desserts quite often. it was delicious. really loved you this year, valentine's day. 'til next time!