Monday, February 27, 2012

when days turn into weeks.

aaron was gone all last week traveling for work, so i was left to my own devices here at home....mostly just trying to keep myself busy to make the time go quicker until he got back. i ended up rearranging the furniture in our living room and bedroom, organizing my closet and packing bags of clothing to donate to goodwill, only checking the mail once all week, and eating things like radishes for dinner--to name a few. things got pretty crazy around here!! ;)

also while he was gone i got to thinking again a lot about the concept of time. not really about minutes of the day, but more like stages in life. time seems to be going extra slowly for me/us these days, but i am trying my darndest to appreciate our current situation the best i can. (some days are harder than others!) there's a good chance this is just my quarter-year crisis (everyone else has those too, right??), and that all i can do is be grateful for the things that i do have, and remember all the blessings in my life, however small. orange shoes included.

*also grateful husband whipping up some homemade peanut butter on saturday night like it was no big deal, the sweet note i got in the mail today from my mom that brought me to tears, and that both of our parents will be in town this week visiting. happy monday! <3