Monday, March 26, 2012

anniversary junkie.

four years ago from saturday (on march 24, 2008), aaron finally put a ring on my finger and asked me to marry him and be his wife for forever. if that's not celebratory-worthy, then i don't know what is! i've turned into such an anniversary junkie over the past few years, so of course we celebrated this one. :) we got some burgers for dinner and then went bowling. we went bowling the night we got engaged (for sentimental reasons...long story!), so it was only fitting. :) we talked about making it a tradition to go bowling every year on march 24th from now on...and hopefully in 15 years that tradition will still be going strong, except that maybe by then we will be bringing along a few kiddies to the bowling alley to celebrate with us.

in other news....last monday i set a goal to eat 30 servings of vegetables by the end of the week (monday thru sunday), and my final count yesterday was 32!! (don't worry, i didn't count these...) i'm not sure if it's the fact that spring officially started last week, or that this vegetable consumption is borderline addictive, but i'm feeling extra motivated lately, like there's a new energy in me. i'm going for 30 servings of vegetables again this week. can't wait to use my purple carrots. :)