Monday, March 5, 2012

sunday stills.

last week was busy busy, but our sunday was so rejuvenating! i wore my favorite yellow skirt to church, and we enjoyed our after-church snacks together in our sunday best. i had an apple, and aaron had a bowl of his favorite cereal (oh's). we actually hardly ever buy cereal, so when we do it's kind of a big deal, and usually doesn't last us longer than 24 hours. :) we also made homemade breakfast sausage and pancakes for dinner (breakfast for dinner just never gets old!), talked and cuddled and made summer plans, wrote a letter to my younger brother who is serving an LDS mission in san jose, and later in the evening aaron continued his tradition (2 weeks and counting) of whipping up a nut butter in practically less than one minute--this time roasted salted almond butter. he's a keeper!

i felt so invigorated last night that i had a hard time even falling asleep. my mind was racing with new ideas, half of which i can't even remember now....but still feeling very refreshed today and excited for the new week. hope your sunday was as wonderful as ours! :)

p.s. thank you so much to all those who left such sweet comments on my last post. they were very comforting to me, and i feel very blessed to be surrounded by so many other strong, honest women out there. thanks a million!