Wednesday, April 11, 2012

on a wednesday.

happy wednesday! yesterday was a little bit of a frustrating day, and usually my only cure for that is a good night's sleep and a yummy breakfast. so thankfully i am feeling much better today. :) also i've been feeling those ever-so-subtle inklings lately to get some spring cleaning and organizing done around here, and i can hear our closets and cupboards and drawers all screaming my name! this weekend might be the weekend i finally get some of that stuff done, although there's still that big looming tax deadline coming up that we have successfully put off until the very last minute... (shh, don't tell my dad!)

but anyways! the really awesome part of today is that i am over at emmadime being part of her Lovely Lady series, and i could not be more thrilled! check it out HERE! i share the details of my outfit and which piece of clothing is my favorite. :) thank you so much, emma!