Wednesday, April 25, 2012

To Do.

somewhere in my life i've developed this paranoia that if i don't write something down that i'm supposed to do, then i will forget to do it....which is funny because i actually don't consider myself a very forgetful person at all! (aaron might disagree...) anyways, it's turned me into a fanatic list-maker, and instead of trying to fight it i made myself some little notepads since my other ones are almost out of pages. i'm actually trying to overcome my To Do list-making addiction, but until least i have some cute notepads to use! ;)

**i used scrapbook paper for the book jacket, regular computer paper for the inside (cut to size), PVA glue to put it all together, and gold leaf for the "dipped" look. (i use the adhesive size & gold leaf that are shown in this kit.) 

p.s. yay for wednesdays! aaron's birthday is this weekend so yesterday i did some birthday shopping for him, and i was having so. much. fun. also i've had waffles for dinner the past 2 nights....?? i'm a big advocate of vegetables, but sometimes a girl just needs her waffles, am i right? :)