Monday, April 16, 2012

veggie show & tell.

a couple weeks ago i mentioned my goal of eating 30 servings of vegetables during the week, and some people commented asking to see some of the ways i ate my veggies. i debated whether or not i should photograph the meals that i ate, since none of them are actual "recipes" and since i didn't know if they would look appetizing to anyone besides me.....but oh well, i did it anyway! also, i feel silly giving tips on how to eat "healthy" because i actually don't think i'm the healthiest eater, although i have developed a real love for vegetables (obviously), so hopefully i'm qualified to do this post! :) here are some of my favorite go-to veggie meals....

+ veggie noodle soup (see recipe below) with homemade blue potato chips.
+ sauteed broccolini & kale with avocado.
+ spaghetti squash with pan-roasted zucchini & cherry tomatoes.
+ spaghetti squash with pan-roasted carrots & yams.
+ raw shredded kale & brussels sprouts and avocado, tossed with fresh lemon juice, olive oil, salt & pepper.
+ pan-roasted mini peppers and yellow zucchini/squash with avocado and black rice.

a few other favorite way to cook and eat vegetables is just to throw a bunch of them in a pan with some olive oil, salt & pepper and cook them up. (quick and easy!) also, i still haven't given up my desserts and/or other yummy treats, so i haven't noticed any weight loss from eating all these veggies, but i have noticed that i have a lot more energy (i sleep about an hour or two less per night!) and so much more peace of mind when i eat this way.

1. saute chopped onions in some olive oil
2. once onions are translucent, pour in equal amounts of vegetable broth & water, and then add carrots, yams, butternut squash (or any vegetable you want!) and brown rice noodles.
3. let boil until noodles are soft (10-15 mins?).
3b. (add kale in the last minute or so just to cook it down a little bit.)
3c. salt & pepper all along the way!
*add more liquid if you want it more brothy, although i like my soups thick and bisque-y and chunky, so i go with less liquid. plus the photo above of this soup was taken of the left overs the next day, so the broth had really soaked in to the noodles. (made it even better!)

i plan on making this for dinner tonight, and i am really looking forward to it! any other tips on how to eat more vegetables?? happy monday!