Monday, April 2, 2012

weekend stills.

this weekend was really wonderful. i wore my favorite necklace and earrings (the same ones i wear practically every day), i got to wear my "winter coat" a couple times, i made english muffins and mini cinnamon rolls on saturday (both using this dough recipe, but with butter instead of shortening), and we had the most delicious brunch/lunch yesterday--egg & prosciutto sandwiches (with homemade english muffins), and mini cinnamon rolls! aaron said these cinnamon rolls were the best he's ever had, which may have just been him getting a little too caught up in the moment.....but actually maybe not because they really were very, very good cinnamon rolls! :) it was also general conference for our church on saturday and sunday, so the whole weekend was automatically uplifting, encouraging, and so motivating!

other things that made this weekend so wonderful (not pictured).....having a few more servings of veggies and reaching my goal of 30 servings for the week, going to bed early and being wide awake by 7AM (more time to cuddle!), and this morning when i felt just like my mom for some reason as i was cleaning up after our breakfast. it was a good feeling.

happy monday!