Thursday, May 17, 2012


yesterday was one of those days where i had big plans. big plans to be super productive, and take advantage of every last second to get stuff done. silly me! i should know by now that things (read: life) never really turn out how you expect, and to not let that be discouraging! needless to say, yesterday was not as productive as i had hoped. BUT...i did manage to grab my camera when i noticed the morning light shining thru my orange slices (little nuggets of gold, they looked like), fall in love all over again with my desk organizer i found at a thrift store last week, and glue the most beautiful yellow patterned paper onto some vintage books that i am re-binding into journals.

not finishing all my To Do's yesterday reminded me that lately i've been feeling the need to simplify things a bit. i'm still not exactly sure what "simplify" will mean for me, although i do think it will be more of simplifying my outlook and the things that occupy my mind, and not letting things "get" to me so much. basically to be more like my husband aaron. he is always so good at not letting things bother him. we're coming up on 4 years of marriage, so you'd think it would have rubbed off on me by now... ;)

anyways, i forgot to mention that last weekend i got my first [tiny] sunburn of the season (!!) from our saturday morning hike. i swore to myself i'd wear more sunscreen this year, so looks like i'm 0 for 1 so far. hopefully i'll have better luck of remembering to put some on this weekend.