Wednesday, May 9, 2012

twin chairs and waffle wednesday.

i dropped aaron off at the airport on monday, and instead of coming home to an empty apartment (which is always a little sad), i went thrifting....and, lucky for me, found this beautiful green velvety chair! i thought it would be the perfect little match for my gold velvet chair i found in palm springs about a year ago, and seriously, don't they look so cute together?! that gold chair has been my baby this past year, and on monday i felt like a proud mama of baby #2 coming home from the thrift store hospital. except i only had to pay $40 bucks, and thankfully the delivery was pretty painless. ;)

i gave it an official warm welcome by making sweet potato waffles, using just my normal whole wheat waffle recipe, but adding a couple spoonfuls of mashed sweet potato, and folding in a beated egg white at the very end. (i make waffles all the time, but i used this recipe as a loose guide to know how much sweet potato to add, and how to do the fancy trick with the eggs.) i put butter & honey on mine, and they were delicious!! now i just need aaron to get home asap so we can sit in our twin chairs and eat waffles together. preferably on a wednesday. (i call the green one.)