Tuesday, July 31, 2012

especially grateful for... [summer edition]

My three sisters (who are actually all together this week, 
gallivanting around the greater Washington, D.C. area...wish I could be with them!)

Hike with friends on Saturday morning.

Having 3 shrimp tacos 3 days in a row over the weekend.
(My obsession with shrimp tacos is officially getting a little out of hand, I think!)

The colors orange & mint green together.

Sunny summer mornings & warm summy nights.

Eating more than my fair share of yummy cookies/treats lately 
(could probably do without this one though...;)

Seeing & loving this.

Grilled peach pizza! (see photo above) I'm sharing the recipe today 
on Liz's blog Say Yes to Hoboken. Check it out HERE. :)

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