Friday, July 6, 2012


We drove out to Arizona to spend July 4th with Aaron's brother & family who just got a brand new pool in their backyard. I'm usually such a baby when it comes to getting in a pool since the water always seems sooo cold to me, but thank heavens for the 100+ degree Arizona heat and the 91 degree pool water! i loved it, and I even came back with a tiny tiny tan (I think!?), and probably a few more freckles on my shoulders (unfortunately not the cute kind)....

Now that I'm back home I have officially gone into post-vacation detox mode, and I figured cutting back to just one dessert a day instead of three would probably be a good place to start....? ;) I've also been on a cleaning & simplifying spree over the past 24 hours and have already gotten rid of bags & bags of stuff. It feels so good! After getting home from Arizona yesterday, I felt like I couldn't even think until things were a bit more organized around here. Feeling very grateful for this random motivation I've been having, and hoping it lasts.

Happy Friday! <3