Thursday, January 24, 2013

note(s) to self.

Back in November I finally jumped on the green smoothie bandwagon, and I really wish I could say they've been keeping me healthy this winter...but alas, I am somehow on day 16 (sixteen!!) of a sinus-infection-turned-head-cold. Apparently green smoothies do not guard against baby germs, because all the times I've gotten sick these past few months can be traced back to the sweet little runny button noses of a niece or nephew (both of whom will remain nameless...;).

Pardon my language, but I'm really hoping I can kick this dumb thing once and for all this weekend. I've got a fridge stocked full of our favorite green smoothie greens, and I don't plan on letting my neti pot out of my sight ever (BFF these days, me & my neti pot). So, note to self: eat your greens, and stay away from sick babies!