Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The week before Christmas I tagged along with Aaron who had to travel to Portland, Oregon for a work trip. I kind of feel like anything Christmas-related is old news, let alone pre-Christmas, but Portland and I got along so great (except for all that rain!!?), that I didn't want to soon forget about my time there.

Anyways, I loved the city a lot, which I'll go ahead and blame on all the delicious food we ate (from here, here & here)... The trip was pretty perfect, even though I was the genius who packed that yummy bottle of catsup we bought from Little Big Burger in my carry-on bag for our flight from Portland to Ohio. Airport security confiscated it (for everyone's safety, I'm sure) and left me pretty heartbroken, but I've already told Aaron I'm going with him next time he has to go to Portland again--if for nothing else than to get me some more catsup!!! 

'Til next time, Portland.