Thursday, May 16, 2013

a bridal shower for staci.

My little sister & best friend Staci is getting married in a little over two weeks (!!!), and a couple of weekends ago I got to fly out to DC for her bridal shower! My mom and sisters and I scrambled around making last minute preparations the morning of the party, and while I learned very quickly that party planning is definitely not my calling in life (the pressure!?), I was glad I was there to help out and celebrate her upcoming wedding. :) Her actual wedding will be even more fun, I'm sure, and she will make such a beautiful bride. I cannot wait!

I even got to play "photographer" at the shower, after having to literally dust off my camera (it had been a while!), and just looking at these photos again is making me miss my sisters & family like crazy. Typical, I know, but they really are so great. Staci & Kraig make an adorable couple, and how lucky am I to have caught that last pic of them together on the settee?? (Photo was taken when Kraig crashed the party...after the party was over. Just love those two.)

Today also happens to be Staci's 25th birthday, and I'd most likely still be procrastinating editing these pics if it weren't. So...basically what I'm trying to say is.... 

Happy Birthday, Staci!!! I love you, cutes!