Monday, June 10, 2013


Last Friday was my birthday, and I am officially (finally) 27 years old! I've been excited to turn 27 ever since I turned 26 last June, to which I have no explanation other than "27" just sounds better?? Aaron took me on a little surprise trip down to San Diego where we spent the night in a room with a view, ate dinner at a fancy restaurant, had two too many desserts, and explored downtown San Diego, which we really came to love. He is so good to me. 

I always get reflective around these kinds of life events (on birthdays, at New Years, on the first day of a new month, Mondays, etc... ;), just thinking of the possibility of change and new beginnings. My 26th year had its ups & downs (as every year does), but of course I'm grateful for all of it, and can't help but be excited to see where I'll end up at this time next year. Although I wouldn't mind if this year goes by a bit slower...I am nowhere near ready to turn 30, and I feel like any age above 27 is a little too close for comfort! Somehow I've convinced myself that 27 is the magic age, and am hoping it just lasts forever. (I'm obviously becoming much more realistic in my old age too, can you tell?)

P.S. There's a blurry pic of me holding a doughnut above (in honor of my birthday falling on "National Doughnut Day" this year), but I have to admit it was actually Aaron's doughnut. I would rather have a cookie (or any other dessert!) over a doughnut any day, but hope you all still got to enjoy the holiday! :)