Sunday, June 16, 2013

every daughter needs a father, and every father needs a daughter.

Happy Father's Day!! I took these photos of my parents while I was out in DC for my sister's wedding a couple weeks ago, and these are those types of photos I could just look at all day and never ever get sick of. I am sooo blessed because of these two cuties, and will never understand how I got so lucky to be their daughter--for more reasons than I could ever fit into one little blog post. The title of this post is something my dad said while giving a few words at my sister's wedding reception that I thought were especially beautiful: "Every daughter needs a father, and every father needs a daughter." I feel like I'm definitely getting the better end of the deal, but shh don't tell him! ;)

I love my dad so much and hope everyone had a wonderful Father's Day letting their dads and/or husbands know how much you love & appreciate them.

**Aaron & I are in Puerto Rico right now celebrating our 5-year wedding anniversary, so there will be plenty of gushing about him soon enough (lest anyone thinks I forgot about my own sweetheart on this holiday!). There's talk of thunderstorms hitting the island over the next few days though, so wish us luck the weather cooperates!


  1. Beautiful photos Whitney! I'm so happy you're posting again, you're photography really inspires me xo

  2. awe! so sweet! we just had our 5 year, and had grand plans that went horribly awry haha.. hope PR is AMAZING! :) xo