Friday, June 14, 2013

kraci love.

My sister Staci got married!! (I posted about her bridal shower a little while ago.) The wedding was on the first day of June, and maybe I'm biased (our wedding anniversary is next week!) but isn't the month of June just made for weddings (and birthdays ;)? It was such a beautiful summer night, and the reception was too perfect for words. It was on a farm with fences, barns, horses, fields, rolling hills, a big white tent, strings of lights...I could keep going! We all wished the night would never end.

Unfortunately some of the photos I took at the reception were lost due to an SD card gone on the fritz, but my friend came to the rescue by lending me one of her three SD cards she just happened to be carrying around in her tiny little purse. Christmas miracle! And such a lifesaver, for me and my husband...I was throwing quite the fit, thinking my whole life was ruined & absolutely horrified that I wouldn't be able to take any photos of my sister's beautiful wedding. (Honestly, it was a nightmare!) I wish I could say I am being dramatic, but rest assured my husband can most definitely confirm. 

But anyways! Picture time. 
Take 1 & take 2 of my sweetheart & me:  

The summer sun setting over the barn: 
Wooden flower boxes on all the tables: 
The lemonade bar:

My little sister Natalie (aka "Natbug"):
My sisters & me with the groom:
That beautiful white tent: 
My husband is one tall glass of water, and I'm so lucky he is mine all mine!:
First dance money shot maybe?:
The sweetest Father/Daughter dance there ever was:
Those lights!:
The beautiful, beautiful bride:
A darn delicious wedding cake:

Obsessed with that cake stand:
The happy couple!:
Cake cutting/eating:
My nephew enjoying a game of cornhole & kind enough to take a pic for his Aunt Whitney:
6 of my 7 siblings:
(I was behind the camera, and my brother Ethan is currently serving an LDS mission so he's excused :)

Whew! Maybe one day I'll be able to somehow magically recover the photos lost on my other SD card, but I am soo grateful I at least got these. My sister also asked me to design these little "Do You Instagram?" cards to display on all of the tables (see below), which was such a genius idea. I thought they turned out pretty darling, and it was so fun to support the cause (my instagrams from that day/night are here, here, here, here & here).

Hooray for June weddings and congratulations to Kraig & Staci!! <3