Friday, June 21, 2013

this is the time we shall remember always as the happy time.

We got back from our trip to Puerto Rico last night with a few (a lot) more freckles, splotchy sunburns (I obviously need more practice with the spray sunscreen), and way too many photos to go through right now. But suffice it to say that gallivanting around Puerto Rico with my very best friend in the whole world was nothing short of a riot, and surely a happy time** I hope I always always remember. Also I can't help but be so proud of us for actually taking the trip in the first place—if only you knew how uncharacteristic it was of Aaron & I to travel somewhere that far for anything other than a family reunion...!

We miss you, Puerto Rico.

**Aaron has really turned me into a John Steinbeck fan, and on this trip I read his book "The Pastures of Heaven", which is where the title of this post & my reference to a "happy time" comes from.