Monday, July 1, 2013


I T ' S   A   B O Y !

We are SOO excited to be having a little baby boy!! I'm not sure what more a girl could want than a miniature version of her husband, and I'm afraid I have the biggest crush on him already. Baby boy seems to be growing like a weed the past week or so, and I've never experienced anything quite as cute as his tiny tiny little kicks. Now if I can just get Aaron to be at the right place at the right time...!

On our Puerto Rico trip a couple weeks ago we found these adorable handmade wooden trucks, and brought one home as a souvenir for baby. I can't wait to see him pulling it around one day. I hope he likes it. <3

**I actually found out that it was a boy much sooner than expected at a 12.5 week doctor's appointment back in April, and somehow managed to keep it secret from Aaron until his birthday which was a few days later. For one of Aaron's birthday presents I wrapped up a tiny pair of baby boy shoes & onesie and had him open it last. I got it on video, and every time I watch it I about die it's so precious. 

...& thank you for everyone's sweet comments on my last blog post (or twitter or instagram)! 
They were all so special to me.