Tuesday, July 30, 2013

you stay classy san diego.

My oldest brother Quinn, his wife Jessica, and their seven (seven!!) children have been in San Diego this past week visiting all the way from Texas, so we drove down to see them on Saturday. Between Sophie's fairy wings she was carrying around with her all day (see photo above), delicious fish tacos, chubby babies, and beautiful views of the ocean, the whole day was such a treat. I really admire Quinn & Jessica for raising the sweetest & most well-behaved children ever, and also because Jessica really IS supermom, so of course I was trying to pick their brains for some parenting advice. We hadn't seen the kids since the family reunion in Texas last year (AKA best week of my life. I miss you, Texas.), but they haven't changed a bit. Such sweethearts with all kinds of personality in that family, I just love it. 

Surrounded by a bunch of kiddies is a good look on Aaron (see photo below). He's never looked so handsome. (Read: I can't wait to see him be a dad!!)

Thanks Quinn & Jessica for letting us tag along with you all day in San Diego & hopefully it won't be another whole year before we see you again! <3