Monday, August 5, 2013

at 27 weeks.

Being pregnant has surely been the biggest joy of my life. Yesterday we took some photos of my growing 27-week tummy out on our back patio after church. I have never felt better (knock on wood), and every day is so exciting with this little bug wiggling around inside of me. My favorite moments of the day are when baby boy & I wake up together every morning. I usually beat him to it, but within 30 seconds or so he's up and doing his morning stretches & little baby workout and I wish the early mornings could just last forever.

Last Wednesday was my last day at work, so...nesting!! I never mentioned this on my blog, but a few months ago Aaron & I moved into a 2-bedroom apartment. It still needs a lot of work before baby is allowed to get here, but the crib came last week at least? Baby steps. To be honest, I thought "nesting" was all a myth, just like that thick & luscious hair pregnant ladies are supposed to get?? (Still waiting for mine.) But getting things cleaned & organized & perfect is the only thing I can think about these days, and I'm happy to report there has only really been one meltdown about how it will all get done & ready in time. Pregnancy hormones!? Poor Aaron. ;)

I love being pregnant (there, I said it!) and it seems like life is all just one very, very good dream lately. We are enjoying every bit of it.