Monday, August 12, 2013

city of roses.

I've had to send Aaron off with just a hug & a kiss on business trip after business trip for the past few years, but last week I actually got to tag along with him on his business trip to northern California where we stayed in our favorite little town called Roseville (near Sacramento). I never mentioned this on my blog, but almost a year ago (on our "rendezvous") we were driving around Sacramento/Roseville trying to decide if we should move up there or not, to hopefully cut down on the amount of traveling Aaron was having to do for work. I remember really loving it even then, but at the time we didn't feel it was the right thing for us to do. Now a year later I can definitely see why it was important for us to stay here in southern California, but we're still kind of kicking ourselves a little bit for not throwing all spiritual guidance to the wind and making the move—it's just so pretty up there!?

Regardless, we enjoyed our time in Roseville (also Placerville & Folsom) and of course I took way too many photos (a bad habit I need to break, probably). We got back last Wednesday, and I think I've officially passed on the "nesting" bug to Aaron. Perhaps by default, like that time I pressured encouraged him to fix our TV credenza the same night we got back from Sacramento (it ended up taking a few hours), or that time on Friday night when I wouldn't let us go get dinner until we finished putting together our new dresser (also took a few hours... Wife of the year!). And the fact that we're actually considering painting our entire apartment before the baby gets here, which is totally practical and not unnecessary at all, I'm sure. ;)