Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a birthday surprise for dad.

If there ever was a person that deserved a birthday surprise (because birthday surprises are earned over a lifetime, you know), it would be my Dad. He turned 60 years old a little less than two weeks ago, and to surprise him, my siblings & I all traveled in from California/Texas/Arizona/Virginia to be there on Friday night (the weekend before last) when he got home from work. Mom was a great accomplice and was successful at distracting him just long enough for all us kids to get in our places in the kitchen for the big surprise. We had butterflies coming out of our ears and somehow kept in our giggles juuust long enough before he walked in & we were allowed to yell "SURPRISE!" Talk about a rush! Finally all our top-secret planning over the past several months had paid off, and Dad was nothing short of shocked to see us all there. Those are the types of moments in life that you should be allowed to re-live over and over.

We spent the rest of the evening having ribs for dinner (smothered in bbq sauce, in true Lewis fashion), dad opening little presents while we reminisced & shared stories, singing happy birthday, eating my dad's favorite chocolate cream cake, and playing card games. On Sunday we took lots of family pics after church before people started heading out, which I'll be sharing soon. The photos in this post & the other ones I'll be sharing later this week are such a treasure to me. What would the world be without cameras, am I right?

**P.S. My sister Staci also did a post on her blog about our Dad's birthday surprise with all her beautiful photos from the weekend. She's quite the talent behind her camera, and if this is anything like what happened my junior year of high school when we were both playing basketball & her far superior talents were discovered..........well, I might as well just quit blogging now. ;) Anyways, check it out HERE!