Wednesday, September 11, 2013

confessions of a pregnant lady.

Tomorrow I will be 33 weeks pregnant! My tummy is finally big enough that I haven't gotten the "you don't even look pregnant!" from anyone for a while (hooray! grow baby grow!) & I might regret saying this in a few weeks, but the third trimester is my favorite. My belly is big & round and this little one inside me is giving me the kind of strength and energy and motivation I've never felt before. I've said on more than one occasion that I don't ever want to NOT be pregnant! I consider it my greatest privilege in life so far to have this chance to carry another life, and I want to cherish these last weeks. 

I have exactly 50 days left until baby boy's due date, and regrettably have not been the best at photographing my "baby bump". But better late than never! I already feel an urgency to get a million other things done before baby's birth day, but I'm adding to my list to take a photo a day of my pregnant self. I might share all or a few or absolutely none of the photos I take, but I'm committed all the same.

In other news, Aaron & I are settling nicely into our new rhythm with him not traveling for work anymore (see previous post). Office jobs are genius! Haven't felt my usual separation anxiety for weeks now, hallelujah, & it's sure a lot easier kissing him goodbye for the day instead of for the week. Also, we've been married 5 years, but with him being around more I feel like I'm learning new things about him every day, like how he thinks a sandwich isn't a sandwich unless it has been cut in half, getting up takes 2 snoozes, and other important things of that nature. Life is treating us well.