Tuesday, September 3, 2013

end of an era.

A carpet of clouds—photos taken tens of thousands of feet in the air & somewhere along the California coast.

For the past 4 years Aaron has been traveling a lot for work (as I'm sure you've seen me mention on this blog a few times), but starting today all his traveling has fiiinally come to an end! He's taken a new position at work which requires only a 30-minute drive to the office & back, instead of all the traveling he was doing before to Washington/Oregon/Nevada/Northern CA. I am one happy wife now that I know my husband will get to come home every night—and especially grateful that he'll be around more when our baby boy gets here in just 2 short months (what?!). Talk about perfect timing!

Aaron was offered this new position about a month ago, and I remember the next morning waking up to him giving me a little kiss or two on my nose (which, if you've never woken up to a kiss on your nose, is pretty fantastic!), and in that moment I knew life was all happening just the way it was supposed to.

(I got to go with him on his last couple business trips to northern CA before all his traveling ended—see here & here.)