Thursday, September 26, 2013

when the days are short.

Some things that are making me stop & enjoy all life's little details, despite the fact that the days & weeks are going by far too quickly, it seems...

The smells of freshly cut grass and fresh cilantro. Straight from heaven.

When my belly was completely lopsided the other night—baby was apparently loving my left side and Aaron & I were shocked at the sight, to say the least.

Winging it for dinner (with no recipe) & coming up with a darn delicious meal, like last night's white bean & kale soup that was borderline best-soup-I've-ever-tasted. I'll be bragging about that one for years, I'm afraid. 

Grilled cheese on sourdough. Or sourdough bread, in general.

Sharing one car still with Aaron, and both of us in too deep of conversation this morning on our way to drop him off for work to even notice we missed the exit off the freeway. 

Cutting about 3 inches off my hair myself, because everyone is doing it and also because the longer my hair is, the less hair it feels like I have. Go figure. 

Seeing pumpkin pop tarts everywhere. (And by everywhere I mean Target & Trader Joe's.) It's just a matter of time before those goodies make it home with me one of these days. I'm grossing myself out just thinking about it. But...pumpkin pop tarts!?

Exercising still being the highlight of my day & when I feel my absolute best. Just enjoying it while I still can. 

Wishing my mom a Happy Birthday yesterday & also wishing we could have thrown a surprise party for her too. 

Downsizing to a tiny, tiny purse. Because the smaller my purse, the simpler my life...or so it seems? That's my theory at least. In about 5 weeks I won't be able to get away with carrying around just my wallet, keys & this is another one of those "just enjoying it while I still can" things. 

Gearing up for a busy, busy weekend. Hope you enjoy yours!