Monday, October 28, 2013

a perfect fall day in California. // 39 weeks + 2 days.

My favorite time to go to the beach is, by far, after the summer months have passed. The crowds have all but disappeared, you get to bring your sweaters out of hibernation, the sand gets stuck in the ankles of your leggings, and you admire the waves and their nonchalant way of coming & going like they always do, completely oblivious to the idea of leaves changing and pumpkin patches and holidays coming and those kinds of things.

Yesterday we drove down to one of our favorite beach spots and walked as close to the ocean as we could get, so as not to wear out our ankles in the dry sand. We let our feet get wet in the cold water a few times, the bigger waves caught my ankles more than once and got my leggings wet despite Aaron's warnings, and we both agreed the water didn't even feel that cold (maybe since my feet are never not hot these days & I could've stood in that cold water all night).

We toweled off our feet before getting in the car (because you always keep beach towels in the trunk of your car just in case), and when we got home I shook out my leggings while Aaron vacuumed up some sand here & there. We made soup for dinner and I considered it a perfect Fall day. (You have to get creative here in southern California. ;) The photo above was taken yesterday and is me at 39 weeks + 2 days pregnant. Next time we go see the ocean we'll get to introduce our son to the sights and sounds and smells of saltwater and sand, and teach him how the rhythm of the waves never stops and that the ocean is just so darn peaceful in the wintertime.