Monday, November 11, 2013

living the dream.

I've known my whole life that being a mother and raising a family would be my most important purpose in life. I've looked forward to this for so long, and it's almost overwhelming when I sit & think of how special all these little moments are with my sweet, squishy baby. My pregnancy was wonderful, and my labor & delivery thankfully ended up being a very rewarding and fulfilling experience, and now that we are in the "4th trimester" there is definitely a new kind of learning curve, but we are all adjusting and thriving. 

Wyatt seems to be eating well and is adorable as all get-out. He smiles in his sleep (I swear I see a dimple!), and turns total ragdoll and purses his lips after he eats. Aaron has to remind me that he either still needs to eat on the other side or that he needs to go down for a nap...otherwise I would giggle at his little lips and limp arms and kiss his chubby cheeks all day long. Truth be told, Aaron & I are learning how to function on a little less sleep these days, but I'm not even sure I mind that much. (Maybe ask me again after this week is over? ;) I try to remind myself to fit in a nap during the day, which sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. 

Last Tuesday was Wyatt's 1-week birthday, and I remember waking up that morning from a dream feeling on top of the world and so rejuvenated. I can count on one hand the number of dreams I remember, let alone the ones that have made a lasting impression on me, but this was definitely one I will never forget. To make a long story short—in the dream I was flying (not on a plane, I was just flying on my own by myself in the air), taking in the beautiful view and feeling like a million bucks (obviously! I was flying!), and after a few moments I landed on a beautiful grass field smoothly & safely right before waking up. It wasn't a very long dream but I can't help but think it had some significance, considering the big life event that happened just a week before of becoming a mother. Motherhood is already bringing me such joy and satisfaction and a sense of freedom, helping me to finally grow, and allowing me to feel most like myself. It all seems very familiar at times for me, this new life we are living with our little one. It has been a journey for Aaron & I to finally have this blessing of starting a family, and here we are having landed safely with our baby Wyatt, just living the dream. 

P.S. Thank you to everyone for your kind words & congratulations these past couple weeks, and for letting us share our good news! :)