Wednesday, November 13, 2013

mom week.

My sweet mother was in town all last week meeting her newest grandson & teaching us how to take care of a baby (she had 8 babies so I consider her an expert!). It was such a treat having her here and we sure are missing her! She had to go back home to my dad & 16-year old sister on Saturday morning, but before we left to take her to the airport I took a few photos as she & Wyatt said their goodbyes. She was the absolute biggest help while she was here—making us delicious dinners every night, baking fresh bread/rolls/cinnamon rolls daily, coming with us on trips to IKEA & doctors appointments, keeping me company while Aaron went to work, and the real kicker...singlehandedly sewing curtains (I was no help at all) for the huge sliding glass patio door in our kitchen! (Those silly curtains have been on my "To Do" list for months, and she did them in 2 days. I should really stop being so scared of my sewing machine...)

Needless to say, we miss her a lot. A few tears were shed at the airport (bad combo when mother and daughter are both criers), and then I cried on the drive home...happy & grateful tears for having such a good mother and the blessing she is in my life. If I can be even half the mother to Wyatt that she has been to me, I'd be in pretty good shape. The only thing I forgot to have her do is show me how to properly fold a fitted sheet. Because youtube videos are surprisingly not that helpful, and a mom is not a mom unless she knows how to properly fold a fitted sheet!