Tuesday, December 31, 2013

the after-Christmas Christmas.

Aaron & I sometimes play this pro/con game where we say a "con" (something negative that has happened), followed by a "pro" (something positive that has happened as a result of the aforementioned con). We haven't played it in a few weeks, so here we go... (this one's for you, Aaron.)

CON: Me forgetting not one, but several, presents at home when packing for our Christmas vacation in Arizona. And also another couple packages not arriving before Christmas like they were supposed to.

PRO!: Getting to have a second Christmas after returning home from Arizona. (See! The pros always outweigh the cons.)

Anyways, like I mentioned in this post, Wyatt slept through all the gift-opening when we were in Arizona for Christmas, but this time we made sure Wyatt was awake & not grumpy at all (...) to open presents together. I took some photos, and I think I could stare at those grumpy-face photos of Wyatt for the rest of my lifetime. I will never get enough of that kid.

Last night we undecorated our Christmas tree & put away all the decorations. (Can you tell from these photos that our tree had definitely seen better days? It was a sad, sorry sight when we got back from Arizona. Poor thing.) As we packed up the ornaments I was already getting excited for Christmas 2014. I know it will be here in a blink of an eye, because that's just how quickly time passes these days.