Wednesday, December 4, 2013

the wild Christmas tree chase.

Monday night was somewhat of a wild Christmas tree chase. We tried two different places before ending up at Home Depot where we found the perfect Christmas tree...tall and narrow and green and beautiful. It fits perfectly in its spot in our living room that I've practically been saving for it since we moved into our apartment in April, and luckily it passed Aaron's inspection (see 2nd photo above—quality control, you know). He's pretty serious about this kind of thing. I can already tell I won't want to take the tree down come post-Christmas, as I feel a little bit like everything about our living room was all intended to complement a Christmas tree. 

All this to say......I am so happy the Christmas & holiday season is finally here! I've only been looking forward to this all year long, knowing we'd have our little baby boy to share it with. He slept through the whole tree hunt, bless his heart, and later that evening we listened to Christmas music and strung the lights and hung the ornaments. What a very wonderful time of year.