Monday, January 13, 2014

big spoon, little spoon.

Aaron was out of town this past weekend for our niece's wedding up in Utah, so it was just Wyatt & me holding down the fort here at home. I was anticipating the same kind of loneliness I used to get back in the day when Aaron was traveling all the time for work, but Wyatt sure knows how to keep a girl company! I was filling in as big spoon in Aaron's absence, but I'm afraid Wyatt cannot be fooled. That boy knows what's up (see photo). Just for the record, I love my baby's smile a LOT, but I'm also pretty smitten with the expressions he can pull off with that little brow of his.  

Wyatt fell asleep in the car on our way to pick up Aaron at the airport on Sunday afternoon, so instead of coming straight home after we got the goods (aka Aaron), we took a long Sunday drive through the canyon and talked while our sweet baby slept in the back. Wyatt can rest easy now knowing that the real big spoon (aka Aaron again) is back. Balance restored.