Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Art of Homemaking. || MUSICAL RUGS

When we lived in our old apartment I would talk Aaron's ear off about how I didn't love our carpet and wished we had wood floors. We moved into a new apartment back in April that actually had wood floors (they're laminate instead of real wood, but I'll take what I can get!), and when I was shopping for rugs for our beautiful new floors, Aaron (being the logical and sound-reasoning half of the relationship) asked why I wanted rugs to cover up the same floor I wanted soo badly? Touché!, I thought, but instead I responded that the whole beauty of wood floors was so you can have beautiful rugs. So I collected a few, and they all had their appointed rooms...but then with the new year came the itch to do some rearranging in our apartment. My quick fix was to switch around the rugs, and wow, what a difference! I moved the cowhide from Wyatt's room into the living room, the red rug from the living room into the bedroom, and the sheepskin from the bedroom into Wyatt's room (accompanied by a little orange rug I found at a thrift store in Arizona with a horse/mule/donkey on it that I think is pretty perfect for a little boy's room). 

I did this all just last week, and I have several reasons as to why this was a good switch. My favorite, though, is that with the sheepskin now in Wyatt's room, we've already had those kinds of moments as a family I wish I could freeze in three sitting on that cozy rug, Aaron & I admiring our baby, singing to him, reading him books, getting him to smile, and praying together. Next time I play musical rugs, remind me that the sheepskin can stay put. I really love having it in there. 

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