Thursday, January 16, 2014

you're so dreamy, january.

June & October are now tied for first place for my most favorite month. June because it's my birthday and our wedding anniversary, and October because that's the month Wyatt was born and I became a mother. But the silver medal definitely goes to January. January in California means sunshine & 70-degree days (or 80 degrees if we're talking about yesterday...felt like an oven), citrus trees everywhere & delicious oranges. Now that the holidays are over, I've completely forgotten about my grudge against California for not having seasons, and I can just enjoy this dreamy non-winter winter. January is such a beautiful thing in southern California. (Says the girl that grew up in northeast Ohio. Two words: Lake. Effect!)

This year January also means trips to Utah for weddings (Aaron went last weekend for a wedding, and we came again as a family of three this weekend for another one—Wyatt's first airplane ride!), our parents coming to town for Wyatt's baby blessing next Sunday, and my brother coming home from serving a 2-year LDS mission. Fun things happening! Thanks for always being so dreamy, January. <3