Sunday, February 23, 2014

reddish hair, saturday afternoon naps, baby gyms, and my little valentine.


from top to bottom:

week 08 // it's no secret that i love my baby's reddish hair. he had some cradle cap, and in the past whenever i would try to treat it i would chicken out because i would notice his hair would fall out in the process. (heaven forbid!) but i went full force on it this past week to take care of that dumb cradle cap once and for all, and i'm happy to report that he still has hair left (and no more cradle cap...for now). hooray hooray!

week 07 // my cute boys taking a saturday afternoon nap when we were in Ohio visiting family last weekend. those two are best buds, i love it.

week 06 // i got this awesome little baby gym at IKEA a few weeks ago. wyatt was a little unsure of it at first, but he has really come around. i usually sit him in his bjorn bouncer seat and let him go at it. it keeps him pretty entertained, and it's a baby toy i don't mind having sitting around.

week 05 // my little valentine, helping me hang our Valentine's Day advent this year. 


  1. I have two sons with red hair - each have their own shade of it. I LOVE it! I was a redhead myself when I was younger, but unfortunately my hair color shanged as I grew older. So now I color it red now and then instead. :-D

  2. I loooove his red hair. And he is so eatable! So cute! Love that gym, IKEA is a great place for children's stuff!


  3. what a gorgeous little boy you have!

    Eilidh x

  4. Aw, cutie!!! Love his reddish hair too :)
    xo TJ

  5. Oh the little bubba is just the cutest! I swear he could be a dead ringer for Damian Lewis when he is older (very handsome indeed). It's so precious when new life comes in to our world, it completely revolutionises everything and puts everyone in a very happy mood. I am over the moon for you. Lots of hugs and cuddles from Marbella x

  6. What a cutie! Amazing photo's as well.

  7. What a sweet pea! He is too cute. Love his red hair.

  8. So cute! fyi: my son had cradle cap and rubbing coconut oil into his scalp took care of it in a snap! (you might already be hip to this, but I thought I'd throw it out there in case it comes back!!)