Friday, March 28, 2014

life in constant motion.

On the days that I ignore my To Do list and instead just focus on what needs to be done in that moment, I feel the most productive. I've had a long-time love affair with To Do lists, but I'm starting to wonder if life wouldn't be more calm and enjoyable if I just focused on the task at hand. What if rather than seeing something that needs to be done and writing it down on a list to do later, I just do it. (Seems obvious, I know.) Been trying this week to remember to live life in constant motion—continuously being engaged and aware of what needs to be done in the moment. Slow and steady.

(Wyatt's been crossing his little ankles lately and I think it's pretty darling. He also pumps his legs a mile a minute, which of course I find equally as charming. This kid!)