Monday, March 24, 2014

wyatt's walking shoes.

**Apologies in advance that almost every one of these photos is memorializing Wyatt's little Vans shoes. They are the shoes I wrapped up and had Aaron open on his birthday last year to tell him we were having a BOY, so they're kind of special to me. And to be honest, it's also because baby shoes are kind of out of control with how cute they are, especially on little legs & feet like Wyatt's. (Biased!) 

Anyways, one of Wyatt's favorite tricks is to "walk" up Aaron's stomach & chest. He started doing it when he was just barely a week or two old, and every time he does it, it's the same....Aaron cheers him on, Wyatt flashes a huge smile while he does his little walk, and I laugh. We all know the drill, and it never gets old. Yesterday on our Sunday walk he took some big steps on the sidewalk, which took some serious concentration, as you can tell. I can only assume he was glad he had his walking shoes on. (Which won't fit him for too much longer. Already moving up a shoe size—this mom is not ready for that.)