Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Easter in a box. // baby Wyatt's first Easter.

The Easter bunny left Easter in a box for Aaron & Wyatt, and even got to do a little shopping for herself. (Just the perks of being the Easter bunny, I guess.) Honestly, it felt like Christmas morning getting to watch my boys see their goodies I got for them. There was no egg hunt or candy, but I was totally feeling the Easter spirit that morning. And it's so true what they say...holidays are already improving a hundredfold now that we have a baby. (Normally I'm a total Halloween scrooge, but I'm already thinking of costume ideas for Wyatt and it's only April! Yikes.)

Below is one more photo of Aaron & Wyatt from Sunday. Not sure how it was missed in my last post, but I can't even handle Wyatt in this one. He looks like Oliver Twist or something, and I can't get enough of his little grin. Being absolutely, completely 100% obsessed with your baby is such a fun part of being a mom.

For dinner I made lamb, cauliflower rice-ish stuff, and green beans. Those veggies sound a little drab, but trust me when I say they were anything but. Also, I thought the lamb was going to be a complete disaster but it turned out to being cooked perfectly and so darn delicious. Whew! I had to take a photo of our dinner because I was just so proud. After dinner we went on a walk as a family, and I was sure this had to be my favorite Easter yet. What a day.