Tuesday, April 15, 2014

mirror mirror.

Wyatt & I have turned into epic errand-runners. And the funny part of it is that I think he enjoys the errands more than I do. I used to feel bad for lugging my kid around to places like Target or my daily stop at the grocery store, but now it always seems like he's the one itching to get outside. And who am I to keep him cooped up at home when all he wants is to get out & see the world? Anyways, all this to say that last week we went thrifting and found this awesome mirror for seven bucks. And obviously few things are cuter than a baby looking at themselves in the mirror. (See also this pic I snapped with my phone. Kid cracks me up!) In the first photo above he found me in the mirror, and in the second he is practicing his tricks, of course...crossing his legs while on his stomach. So talented. (He's already a pro at crossing them while laying on his back—see here.)

Other notes from this past week...

He's learned how to put his pacifier back in his mouth. I knew he had done it a few times before I actually saw it in real life, and the first time I saw him do it I was so impressed. (ha) It's amazing to see him learn how to do something new and being so coordinated.

Wyatt has become a dream sleeper! A month or so ago things were getting pretty dicey (he was only able to fall asleep while nursing), so Aaron & I thought it best to help him learn how to fall asleep on his own (some people call this "sleep training"?). We got the okay from the doctor, and started a few weeks ago. It was quite the process and took a lot of trial & error—at times it was very, very hard, but I felt confident that this was the best decision for Wyatt and for our family. I am now a firm believer in helping your baby learn how to fall asleep on his/her own, and am so proud of Wyatt and the progress he has made. He sleeps through the whole night now (10 hours straight!), and takes 3 naps during the day. And the protest-cries are becoming less & less—today there were none at all. He's amazing. I've thought about doing a blog post sharing how we sleep trained, but really it just comes down to knowing your own baby and doing your best to stay consistent with whatever approach you are using.

Now that Wyatt can roll over both ways, it's hard to keep him still, as he always seems to be reaching for something. I didn't see it, but Aaron said he saw Wyatt do an army crawl. (I'll see it when I believe it! And also...I really hope not! This kid is growing up too fast.) He can do some sitting up, although I think he still needs some more practice before either of us are confident in him sitting up unsupervised.

Anyways, he is cute as ever and I feel like the luckiest lady getting to spend my days with such a sweet little boy. He is always impressing me, and I am such a proud mom. I tell him that every day.

week 15