Tuesday, April 1, 2014

tuesdays with wyatt.

Some photos from today...

Mexican blankets I got for five bucks each (!!) at a friend's overstock sale on Saturday. When I got home Aaron asked why I bought four (instead of, say, one or two...), but I thought that was the whole beauty of five dollar blankets—not having to choose your favorite(s)? Silly Aaron.

I haven't highlighted or colored my hair in almost an entire year. (10 months, I think.) Coupled with a bit of postpartum hair loss, my hair has definitely seen better days. My ends are still blonde, but with the new Spring season I'm getting the itch to go all blonde again. Now if only there was a place that would do it for free....

A quick trip to the grocery store today and now I have more brussels sprouts than I'll ever know what to do with. Most of my impulse buys happen in the produce section, for sure.

Wyatt is dead set on chewing on his toes any chance he gets. It's always a white-knuckled grip on his right foot, and Aaron & I are always impressed, to say the least. Babies are so limber!