Wednesday, April 23, 2014

when the weeks blend together.

There's a bit of an overlap with these past two weeks, but which week does Sunday belong to, really? Who knows. Either way, this boy has had some exciting things happen! It seems he's gotten more jolly in the last week or so, giving out smiles to anyone and everyone. He is so social and aware, and people still comment on how observant and at attention he is. He likes to take everything in and is always looking around.

The top photo is from last night (week 17). He will officially be 6 months old next Tuesday. He's been showing some signs that he is ready to start on solids, so last night we gave him some of our dinner to gnaw on. I'm not sure anything was actually eaten, but it was fun to see him experience new flavors and textures. We tried to be nonchalant about it, but he was making some funny faces, and his brow was getting a workout with all that furrowing. 

The bottom photo (week 16) is my favorite photo of Wyatt on Easter morning. Those pajamas are a little snug (ha), but he never seems to mind. He is such a joy to have. I could never describe in words the love I feel for him. It's almost overwhelming, and at times I feel so undeserving to have him. He is my angel baby and I am humbled when I think of what a gift he is to me.

17 weeks down, 35 to go. 

weeks 16 & 17