Thursday, May 1, 2014

I am.

I am happy when... I eat dinner with my husband on our back patio under strings of lights.

I am grateful when... Aaron bathes Wyatt while I clean up after dinner. A few quiet moments to myself, knowing Wyatt is having the time of life kicking his legs & splashing water everywhere.

I am nervous when... I think of Wyatt growing up and how the heck I'll be able to keep him as pure & innocent as he is now.

I am proud when... Wyatt falls asleep all on his own (which he's been doing for the past month or so, but I'm still amazed every time).

I am anxious when... I think of how fast the past 6 months have gone since Wyatt was born.

I am at peace when... Wyatt's soft little hands are on my cheeks, we are face to face, and we are smiling at each other for no reason at all.

I am wondering when... we will get to buy a house to raise our family in.

I feel most like myself when... I sing to Wyatt.

I am waiting for when... I get to take Wyatt swimming this summer (knowing how much he enjoys his 2 inches of bathwater, I think he's in for a real treat).

I am a mother when... I peek in Wyatt's room, see my angel baby sleeping, and start counting down the minutes until he wakes up again.

**I started this post last week, and was inspired to finish it after reading Sydney's beautiful similar-ish post this morning.