Wednesday, May 7, 2014

our morning song



feel a kiss on my cheek from Aaron right before he leaves for work
hear Wyatt start talking from his room
wait a few minutes to get my bearings & be grateful for the little baby noises that wake me up
get out of bed and walk down the hall towards his room
open the door & put my hands up & say things like "yaaaaay!!! baby!!! you're awaaaaake!!" (he loves it)
Wyatt kicks his legs enthusiastically and smiles from ear to ear
i reach down to pick him up and bring him in close, kiss his cheeks and neck
bring him back to bed to feed him
tickle his tummy a few times while he's gulping away just so i can see that little smirk and subconscious eye-roll ("mom, can't you see i'm trying to eat?")
sit him next to me when he's done eating so i can lay on my stomach to stare at him
bury my face into his neck and cheeks and smell in everything that is pure and heavenly and magical about babies
change his diaper
walk into the kitchen, put wyatt in his bjorn bouncer seat with his new favorite toy (tupperware)
start making my breakfast (portabella and kale egg scramble with a banana)
put on john denver record and open the blinds
empty dishwasher and put pots away that were drying overnight
dish out my eggs, pour myself some water, and sit down on the floor opposite Wyatt to eat
finish eating, clean up kitchen
mini-photoshoot because we have a few extra minutes before naptime, and because i am that mom
take wyatt into his room
sit in rocker holding my baby so tight, kiss his forehead
tell him the story of the day he was born
sing him his favorite sleeptime song
lay him in his crib with his sock monkey
give an extra kiss on his forehead for good luck
hear little coos from his room as he falls asleep


week 19